Bye, January

January is coming to a close, and that means work on the yearbook starts to pick up momentum. Seniors, hopefully you saw the email about superlatives and senior bios, but if not go look for it or see Mr. K. The links in it will allow you to cast your vote for the stand-out people of your class, and let you choose your quote and put together a bio to be placed in the yearbook. The deadline for all that is February 11.

For the parents, the deadline for Senior Ads is February 28. If you’re interested in getting one for your son or daughter, hit the Buy link up top. Only $10 for a quarter page and $20 for half.

And one more thing for the seniors themselves: the portrait selection deadline is February 5. Pick your pose for the senior portrait section, or else we’ll have to do it for you. Again, see Mr. K with any questions.