End of the Year Updates

Nine days to go.

  • Senior Portraits are June 28–July 1. Schedule now at PrestigePortraits.com if you haven’t yet. More info here.
  • There is a limited supply of yearbooks left, so claim yours before we run out. Bring in $70 to Mr. Kurzius, cash or check made out to ‘MHS Yearbook’.
  • There are old yearbooks available for sale, too. $5 each, cash only.

Bye, January

January is coming to a close, and that means work on the yearbook starts to pick up momentum. Seniors, hopefully you saw the email about superlatives and senior bios, but if not go look for it or see Mr. K. The links in it will allow you to cast your vote for the stand-out people of your class, and let you choose your quote and put together a bio to be placed in the yearbook. The deadline for all that is February 11.

For the parents, the deadline for Senior Ads is February 28. If you’re interested in getting one for your son or daughter, hit the Buy link up top. Only $10 for a quarter page and $20 for half.

And one more thing for the seniors themselves: the portrait selection deadline is February 5. Pick your pose for the senior portrait section, or else we’ll have to do it for you. Again, see Mr. K with any questions.

Class of 2022 Senior Portraits

Happy end of the year! Time for Senior Portraits, which are happening the week of June 7. Appointment cards are being sent home with instructions on how to schedule your portrait session, and with any luck they’ve arrived by the time you read this. If you lost or never got your appointment card, you can still manage your appointment by visiting PrestigePortraits.com and searching for the school and entering your name.

Check out our Senior Portrait Info page for more details and let us know if you have any questions.

Last Month to Preorder

Hope you all enjoyed your break. We’ll be hitting the publish button soon on the book, meaning you have only a little time left to preorder a yearbook and guarantee yourself a copy. Head over to the Herff Jones Yearbook Order Center and use code 15371 to reserve your yearbook today!

Yearbook Sale Price and Picture Day

If you haven’t ordered your 2021 yearbook yet, don’t wait any longer. The sale price of only $60 is good until the end of January. Order today by visiting the Herff Jones Yearbook Order Center using order number 15371. Senior parents, you can also order an ad while you are there. The deadline for purchasing a Senior Ad is February 28.

And Picture Day is scheduled for both February 1 and February 8, one day for each Blue/Gold group. You can order pictures now by visiting MyLifetouch and entering our picture day ID of EVTWTMHHB.

Senior Ads for Sale

Senior Ads are now available for purchase! Send a Senior on their way with a customized message that includes photos alongside a personal message. Ads start at only $10, but there are a limited number of pages available, so buy yours soon. Visit YearbookOrderCenter.com (order #15371) and don’t forget to buy your book, too!

Yearbooks For Sale and Picture Day

Our online sales center is up and running and we are ready to sell! Yearbooks are now for sale and you can get one at a discounted price of only $60. It’s a limited-time deal, so place your order before the price goes back up later in the year. You can click here to order or use the Buy link at the top of the page.

And in other good news, Picture Days are coming in December! Days? Yes, because of the whole cohort schedule, Lifetouch will be here December 7 and 14 to make sure they get both groups. We’ll have more details for you as we get closer, including sales info and (hopefully) an option for those opting to go full virtual for the year.

Senior Portrait Update

Appointment cards are on the way, and with any luck they arrived already. Make sure you confirm (or reschedule) your appointment by visiting PrestigePortraits.com. Lost your appointment card? You can still confirm at the website by searching for the school and entering your name.

And since we lost all the appointments scheduled during the schoolyear, we added July 10 as an extra date to help accommodate everyone. If you miss July, remember that there are still more portrait sessions on August 10–12 and one last chance on September 10.

For more details check out our Senior Portrait Info page and let me know if you have any questions.