Senior Portrait Information

It’s time to start preparing next year’s volume. With that comes senior portraits, which are happening July 8–9 July 8–10 and August 10–12 at the high school. Since there are a number of steps, below is an outline of the process:

  1. Each senior will be sent by mail an appointment card from Prestige Portraits. On it will be a suggested appointment time that each senior must either confirm or reschedule. You can do this by visiting and logging in using the unique code on the appointment card. If you do not confirm the appointment, you may not be photographed.
  2. At the scheduled portrait session, Prestige will take the yearbook-required pictures. If you wish, you can purchase additional poses. You are under no obligation to purchase those pictures.
  3. After the portraits are taken, Prestige will mail proofs to you along with login information. You will need that login to select which pose you would like submitted to the yearbook. You will also have the opportunity to purchase portrait packages.

We have scheduled an additional portrait session for the fall, but if you miss the session your portrait will not make it in the yearbook. So, make sure you make it to your appointment.

Please reach out if you have any questions and thank you for your support.